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Rating: 2.75/5Movie: BadrinathStarring: Director: V.V.VinayakProducer: Allu ArvindBanner: Geetha ArtsMusic: M.M.Keeravani


Bheeshma Narayan (Prakash Raj) trains the young lads to protect the Indian temples and save the culture. Badrinath (Allu Arjun) gets trained under Bheeshma Narayan and he is allocated the responsibility of Badrinath temple to safeguard it. Alakananda (Tamannah) visits Badrinath with her grand father to complete the rituals to her died parents but Alakananda doesn’t believe in God due to her dark past. She meets Badri and in no time, falls in love with him. Badri takes the responsibility of saving Alakananda. Sarkar (Kelli Dorjee) is a Don, who is husband to Tamannah’s aunt. Her aunt wants Tamannah to marry her son. On the other hand, Bheeshma Narayan desires to make Badri a protector for all temples, for which he should live as a bachelor all his life. Will Alakandanda succeeds in her love and what Badrinath chooses and how he save Alakananda from goons forms the rest of the story…

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