Iddaru Ammayilu Movie Online

Iddaru Ammayilu Movie Online, Watch Iddaru Ammayilu Movie Online DVD print for free from Starring: Nageshwar Rao Vanishree Shoban Babu S.V.Ranga Rao Gummadi V.Nagayya Rajbabu Allu Ramlingaiah Jagannath Rao Suryakantham Rukmini Ramaprabha Neeraja Radhika Iddaru Ammayilu is the story where the sensational actress Vanishree is seen in a dual role as Bhanu and Chandra.Bhanu is the daughter of a rich engineer and Chandra is Bhanu’s cousin who belongs to a poor family where her step mother is always cruel on her.Bhanu is a very care-free girl who has played a love game on Sriram (Shoban Babu) due to which Sriram had attempted suicide.Chandra is a very simple girl who wants to save herself from the forceful marriage her step mother wants to perform.At the same time Bhanu’s father wants to perform her marriage with Madhusudhan(Nageshwar Rao) to which Bhanu is not agreeing.Bhanu had planned to save herself and Chandra from these marriages and she sends Chandra as Bhanu to Madhu’s house and she herself goes to Chandra’s house.What are the consequences going to take place due to this change of identity?Watch it out in the movie Iddaru Ammayilu.

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