Mr.PelliKoduku Movie Online

Watch Mr. PelliKoduku Telugu Movie Online
starring: Sunil Isha Chawla Ahuti Prasad Ali Ravi Babu Ambati Srinivas LB Sriram Dharmavarapu Subramanyam MS Narayana Kadambari Kiran Kumar
Youtube Channel:SriBalajiMovies

Buchibabu (Sunil) is an NRI from USA where he owns a boutique. Buchibabu is on a short trip to India to find out the right girl and marry her. He goes to Rajahmundry and falls in love with the girl Anjali (Isha Chawla). The parents agree for the alliance. But Anjali has a steady boyfriend and she wants Buchibabu to reject the alliance. A dejected Buchibabu wants to return to USA unmarried. But, he is forced to attend a close friend’s wedding in Kerala where he meets Anjali at wedding ceremony. The rest of the story is all about how this pair unites against all odds.

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